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acountryhearteimage-copyAlexandra Declan was born and raised in rural Georgia but on her seventeenth birthday she reluctantly leaves her mother to escape an abusive father.  Ending up in central Florida, she has spent ten years convincing herself she could not love any man unless he was the complete opposite of her farming, good-ole boy father.RPLA 17 3rd place winner

Rick Harrington is the son of the wealthy Richard Francis Harrington who has planned his son’s life down to the last detail, including choosing a wife and his role as successor in the family business.  But Rick doesn’t want the unhappy life he sees his parents living; he’ll do whatever it takes to control his own destiny, even walk away from millions of dollars and a life of luxury to work on a small cattle ranch. He has spent years looking for a woman who is interested in more than finding a man with enough money to provide her with a life of leisure.

As Rick looks for the perfect “country girl” with solid values and no lust for wealth, Alex looks for someone, anyone, other than a cowboy like her father. Brought together by a network of friends,  they resist their natural attraction, each believing the other is exactly what they need to avoid.  Battling the demons of their pasts as well as working through the complications of the present, Rick finds the girl of his dreams who just happens to be a closet country girl, and Alex discovers her true love in the guise of a cowboy.  It’s not until she stops denying her country heart that they are able to overcome the obstacles that threatened to keep them apart.

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Thomas, Robin

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