The Petite Gardener

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Hamish MacGregor is wealthy, lonely, and longing for a bit of romance. When fate brings Gianna Grayson to work at his home, he thinks he may have found what he’s looking for. But The Petite Gardener has a past and secrets of her own. When her past meets his present, it threatens to destroy everything…

First grade teacher Isla Hampstead loves “her kids,” but what she really wants is a child of her own. Helping a woefully neglected student, Isla finds herself in a situation she isn’t prepared to deal with. Can reaching out to a child be enough for her to find Love at Lincoln Park?

Miranda Scott broke off her engagement and moved away to start over. She’s convinced it was the right thing to do; Vince isn’t so sure. Will he let her go? Is she strong enough to let Weston Frank, a local architect, reveal to her The Design of the Future?

Happy on his small cattle ranch, Rick Watson is a confirmed bachelor and a recluse. Riley Bremen just doesn’t have the energy to work on another relationship. But when their paths cross will they be able to ignore the electricity in The Approaching Storm?

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Page turner!! Each story is so different from the one before but equally as engaging. The characters are easy to identify with and and the plot instantly draws you in. Couldn’t put it down!   Ashley

The Petite Gardener was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all four stories! I loved the authors writing style. Excellent read!    By Shannon  Excellent

I was given this book to cheer me up and IT WORKED!! There are four stories and each one leaves you feeling happy and hopeful. A “must-read” for anyone who likes nice sweet romance!    By AvidReader

Well-written and highly entertaining group of short stories. Author creates characters you’ll fall in love with and story lines that draw you into different places and times. A great escape of a read. Highly recommend!   Ashley69

A rainy day with a cup of cocoa and “The Petite Gardener”. What better combination to lift your spirits! The book consists of four wholesome, old fashion love stories whose characters will linger in your thoughts long after you have finished reading it. It’s a real jewel.    MissKitty

Romantic stories without the sex scenes! Nice to read interesting stories that are romantic and have a happy ending without the explicit bedroom scenes. The short story format makes for an easy read.    Anonymous

Testimonials for The Petite Gardener and other stories

“After watching the news and the economy it was so refreshing to pick up your book and escape.  [Y]our book…is most enjoyable and such sweet love stories. Just the kind that I like to read.”
Pat – North Carolina

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  All four stories were engaging and very entertaining.  I loved the characters and the plots of each story. In fact, I found myself chuckling in some instances and sighing in others.  Very good book!”
Kim – South Carolina

“If you’re looking to be taken away from your busy life, this is the book for you. The Petite Gardener transports you to another world full of mystery, love and romance… and some laughter too! Great variety!”
Kellie G. – Tampa, Florida

“Very interesting reading.  Great variety of stories!”
Joyce – South Carolina

“Wholesome, old fashion love stories whose compelling characters will linger in your thoughts long after you have finished reading the book.”
Gary G. – South Carolina

“If you love romance and happy endings, you’ll love The Petite Gardener.”
Ruth – South Carolina