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Great Beach gifts for the summer and

Great Beach reads!!  😉



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. 11/02/17: Citrus Springs, Florida. The Florida Writers Association, Inc., (FWA) has announced that Robin Thomas of Citrus Springs, FL won a prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA). Robin Thomas’s winning entry, A Country Heart, won Third Place for Published Novella.

The award was announced at FWA’s recent four-day annual conference in Altamonte Springs, Florida. This annual competition, which received 431 submissions, was RPLA’s sixteenth.

The Royal Palm Literary Awards competition is a service of the Florida Writers Association established to recognize excellence in members’ published and unpublished works while providing objective and constructive written assessments for all entrants.

For additional information, visit the FWA website:, where you’ll also find more about RPLA and the complete list of 2017 winners. Or, contact for details about Robin Thomas.

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Another fun book club meeting for the Real Florida Readers!

We read Nettie’s Dream, written by my friend and fellow author Barbara Cairns!


Mother’s Day 2017 – How Lucky Am I!!!?!!!

Mothers Day

A wonderful birthday visit from my son and his beautiful wife!  We HAVE to figure out how to make this happen more often!  (The visits, not the birthdays!!)

T & Me May 2017 Tryston & Katie May2017Tryston & Marley May 2017

Yet another great time for the Real Florida Readers Book Club!  This time we met in Old Homosassa at the Riverside Crab House and talked about Dispatches from the Land of Flowers by Jeff Klinkenberg.  Great way to learn about Florida!!

RealFloridaReadersReal Florida Readers2


The Rick Harrington Candle by Paperly&Co. for my book,

A Country Heart

A gift from my wonderful daughter-in-law, Katie! How awesome is that!?!!


Florida Cracker Cows!!

I attended my very first cattle auction this weeauction-3kend!  Here in Florida, our native cows and horses are called Cracker Cows and Cracker Horses, if they have a bloodline that can be traced back to those brought over by Ponce de Leon.  So, after reading Cracker Cow by Barbara Cairns, Rene and Charlotte and I decided to see for ourselves!  What fun!!  I did, however, restrain myself from bidding … just wouldn’t have fit in the Jeep!!!  🙂


Charlotte and Rene














The Real Florida Readers Book Club  Inaugural Meeting – 16 August 2016

A lot of fun!  And SO excited A Country Heart was the first book!!!

The Real Florida Readers 1



Newsletter - August 2016

ALA Conf-Orlando June 2016 (3)

Fun time Saturday morning at the American Library Association Conference and Exhibition in Orlando!  Met so many nice people from all over!




June is here… May was a blur of activity, fun, but it all went by so fast!!!  Now we’re hurricaneback to hurricane season, and if you live in Florida, that means you develop a special relationship with the Weather Channel.  There are those of us who like to be prepared:  I’m the one buying water bottles and extra soup and non-perishables.  Then there are those who take a much more relaxed view, and though they may not “wing it” when a storm hits, their garage doesn’t look like a fall-out shelter either!  It’s all part of the fun of living in Florida!  Yes, I said FUN.  Hey, attitude is everything!! 

Photo by Joe Dube

Photo by Joe Dube

Had a WONDERFUL time at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park on Saturday, May 28th!  Thanks to everyone who came out to see me (Hi, Mattison!!) and to everyone who bought a book, Let me know what you think!!  Drop me a line at


Aaahhhh April!!!

2016 Tryston & Katie at airshow - Copy

April is shaping up to be a great month for me!  I just had a terrific time visiting with my son and his beautiful wife before they headed off on their belated honeymoon cruise, and my new book, A Country Heart, comes out on the 21st.  Next month I’ll be out and about with book signings and readings (hope to see some of you out there!).  What is your spring looking like so far?  Warm enough to be out in the garden yet?  Down here in Florida we are in the river, or the gulf, or the garden and I am particularly enjoying my bougainvillea that survived the winter!  A miracle!!

Warmin’ Up!

God's gift of COLOR!

Could it be that spring has sprung?  It sure seems like it today – Sunny and 75!!  That’s as close to perfect as you can get in my book!  I’m ready to shed the coats and jackets and pull out the t-shirts and flip-flops!  It’s going to be a crazy busy spring and summer for me with my new book, A Country Heart, coming out on April 21st.  I’ll be here, there and yonder to promote it and I hope I’ll see a lot of you!  Stay tuned for places and times…  What are your plans for the summer?

A Fresh Start

Life can be difficult.  It can become monotonous and boring.  But every New Year’s Day we get a chance to start fresh!  I think the key (or one of them!) may be to make conscious decisions in our everyday lives to steer us on the path we want to be on.  If we don’t choose, the choices will be make for us and who knows where we’ll end up!

So, as 2016 approaches, I am working on a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m making them real, obtainable, realistic, so that I don’t set myself up for failure.  I know for a fact that the coming year is going to be Great!  How do I know this?  Because I’m going to make it so. 

I have so much to be thankful for, and starting each day with thoughts of these blessings is a sure way to start each day on a happy note.  What are you thankful for?

Welcome, 2016! 


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  1. Robin, I have just read your blog…you inspire me. We have been in the eye of the hurricane again as we get ready for another move! (Is this 32 now?)Actually, making the decision was the front of the storm, and in two weeks we will encounter the back side of the storm as we actually move our stuff. I just want to sell it all and start over! Anyway, your blog is well written and entertaining. I haven’t gotten around to starting a blog yet, but your’s is a great example for me. I love it when women connect in any situation but especially when you know it was no coincidence. Gwen

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