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                                                                       Robin Thomas

Author Bio:
Robin Thomas was born in Louisville, Kentucky and, being the daughter of a U.S. Marine, she lived in eight states and attended thirteen schools before graduating from high school. Her nomadic lifestyle instilled in her a permanent case of wanderlust that she considers a blessing: Her love of travel and adventure has led her to places and to people that inspire her life as well as her writing. She has written and published fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She graduated from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where she studied English Language and Literature. Currently, she lives on the Gulf Coast of central Florida with her husband and a little Dorkie, named Marley. She works at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park which affords her the opportunity to learn about the native animals and natural resources of the state, interests she hopes to incorporate into her stories.

Contact Information:
Phone: (352) 249-6673
Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Book Information:                                              A+Country+Heart+eimage
Title: A Country Heart
Author: Robin Thomas
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Distributor: Amazon, B&,
ISBN: 978-1-61296-684-7
No. of Pages: 186
Size: 6 x 9
Barcoded: Yes
Price: $15.95

Book Synopsis:

Alexandra Declan was born and raised in rural Georgia but on her seventeenth birthday she reluctantly leaves her mother to escape an abusive father.  Ending up in central Florida, she has spent ten years convincing herself she could not love any man unless he was the complete opposite of her farming, good-ole boy father.

Rick Harrington is the son of the wealthy Richard Francis Harrington who has planned his son’s life down to the last detail, including choosing a wife and his role as successor in the family business.  But Rick doesn’t want the unhappy life he sees his parents living; he’ll do whatever it takes to control his own destiny, even walk away from millions of dollars and a life of luxury to work on a small cattle ranch. He has spent years looking for a woman who is interested in more than finding a man with enough money to provide her with a life of leisure.

As Rick looks for the perfect “country girl” with solid values and no lust for wealth, Alex looks for someone, anyone, other than a cowboy like her father. Brought together by a network of friends,  they resist their natural attraction, each believing the other is exactly what they need to avoid.  Battling the demons of their pasts as well as working through the complications of the present, Rick finds the girl of his dreams who just happens to be a closet country girl, and Alex discovers her true love in the guise of a cowboy.  It’s not until she stops denying her country heart that they are able to overcome the obstacles that threatened to keep them apart.

“A Country Heart is perfect for anyone who has ever felt the inescapable draw of fierce attraction. A strong debut from new romance author, Robin Thomas.” – Michelle Schreiber, book reviewer, Edit Indie

“Thomas perfectly captures the electrifying moments of anticipation between two people undeniably destined to fall in love. These characters will stick with you long after the final page.” – Jessica Parker, author

“Couldn’t Put It Down! Fabulous plot and never a dull moment in this page-turner. Thomas is an excellent story-teller; this is a must-read!” Ashley Krieger, author,

FAQ/Interview Questions:
Tell me a little bit about the book. It’s a story about two people who try very hard not to fall in love with each other!

But it is a romance? Yes. In fact, there’s more than one romance going on in the story. But the main characters, Alexandra and Rick, have had some tough times in the past, so they’re being pretty cautious. Maybe a little too cautious. They have to learn a few lessons before they can move on.

How do they learn these lessons? Oh, the same way we all learn lessons, with the help of our family and friends, and by trying things on our own and falling flat on our faces until we get them right.

What inspired you to write this book? I have to say it was the local landscape that first spoke to me. All the beautiful ranches, the horse farms, and everywhere I looked there were citrus trees peppered in with the oaks and pines and palms. From there my imagination just took off and I pictured Rick’s ranch, and the story snowballed from there.

What about the message? Why did you write a story with this particular message? Well, I think the main message of this story is that everyone, male or female, should be true to themselves no matter what society may say. There’s no one right or wrong way to live a life; we all have to figure it out for ourselves, and that’s the hard part. I wanted to write this particular message in this particular story because I’ve seen girls struggle between what they believe and what society deems “right.” I wanted to show that you can be true to yourself without forfeiting happiness.

So, obviously, the story is set here in central Florida? Yes, in fact, it takes place within Citrus, Marion, and Levy counties. Some of the places described you’d probably recognize without them even being named. And then some places, like Cedar Key, are named and you don’t even have to guess.

What sort of audience are you aiming for? This story is going to appeal to anyone who likes romance stories that leaves the physical stuff to the imagination. There’s no erotica, no sex scenes; I like to write stories that allow the reader to use their imagination, which is what makes the experience different for everyone.

Who are some of your favorite writers? As far as romance goes, I’ve always loved the classics; the Brontës and Austen, of course, Daphne du Maurier and Mary Stewart; but I also love Sheila Roberts and Julie Garwood.

What would you like your reader to walk away with after having read your book? I want them to close the book and sigh! You know, one of those happy, feel good, sighs; the sort of feeling you’re supposed to get from reading a book that takes you away to a place where you can laugh and cry but ultimately smile… and sigh.

Are you working on any other projects now? Yes, I’m working on the sequel to A Country Heart, and a story that takes place here in America and in England. That’s been a lot of fun to write.

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