A Country Heart


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Fighting their natural attraction, Alexandra and Rick are determined to keep the secrets of their pasts and avoid repeating their mistakes.  But such caution comes at a price.  It will take faith and courage, and a strong country heart to overcome the obstacles in their way and to take a chance on love again.

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Alexandra Declan leaves her country roots behind, convincing herself she could never love a country boy: There is too much risk that he will turn out to be like her father. She will find a nice man in the city or be alone, but she’ll have nothing to do with a good ol’ boy.

Rick Harrington, the son of a wealthy shipping magnate, doesn’t want the unhappy life he sees his parents living and will do whatever it takes to control his own destiny, even walk away from wealth and a life of luxury for the back-breaking work of a cattle ranch.

When they meet, they resist the natural attraction, each believing the other is exactly what they need to avoid. It’s not until their secrets are revealed and Alexandra stops denying her country heart that they have a chance to overcome the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart.

RPLA 17 3rd place winner

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Refreshing! By RA June 14, 2016   Great book to relax with this summer while sipping a tall glass of sweet tea. I love Southern writers! The book could easily be adapted to a screen play for a Hallmark movie or even a TV series based on the book. It is reminescent of classic romance movies where dialogue carries the film. Romance without vulgarity or crudeness. The Florida setting is beautiful, the characters endearing, and the story engaging. Can’t wait to read the next book by Robin Thomas.

GT reviewed A Country Heart Great summer read that keeps you moving from page to … June 5, 2016  Great summer read that keeps you moving from page to page with interesting characters and a realistic love affair that everyone can relate to. Definitely an author to keep following for more great books!!

Kim K. reviewed A Country Heart  Wonderful Story!! Great Characters!! June 1, 2016   I’ve read this author before (The Petite Gardener) and knew what to expect from her writing style. This book is well written, the story moves steadily along and I was drawn in immediately! A Country Heart is a book about finding happiness in spite of insecurities, fears and preconceived ideas of what life should hold. This book is set in Florida horse country which is interesting in that it shows a different side of Florida other then the typical beach towns.The story flows well, is realistic and the characters are very believable – coming to life in a way that makes them relatable. Great dialogue with moments of humor that draw you in and make you smile. Even after putting the book down I found myself thinking about the characters throughout the day. The story is a good one, the writing is thoughtful, and I will definitely be following this author in the future!! Hope there is a sequel coming soon!!

KP reviewed A Country Heart  Great Summer Read! May 10, First, I’m a sucker for stories about resisted attraction. Robin Thomas delivers! Alex is turned off by the thought of having a country life; it reminds her too much of her roots. Rick is the poster-man for exactly what she DOESN’T want. The characters have to learn to put their bias aside, but will it be enough? This book is such a strong first romance novel from a debut author. Take this passage (one of my favorites!): “She was the most beautiful woman Rick ever saw, the one he’d been dreaming about for years – attractive, intelligent, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. He knew he should tell her he was there, but he didn’t want to break the spell. He didn’t want to see the look in her eyes when she saw him walk toward her. He wanted to remember her just like that.” Talk about SWOON! I highly recommend putting your toes in the sand (or bathtub) and picking up this book!